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Tremor Zoid: The Complete Team by DGDSND01
Tremor Zoid: The Complete Team
Just a group shot of the Tremor and its support blox (Shrieker and S-Blaster) detached.  I felt that the Gairyuki was too vulnerable with its support Blox detached, but that problem isn't shared by the Tremor since it's primarily an underground monster ^_^

Zoids Tremor Custom
Shrieker Support Blox
S-Blaster Support Blox
Death From Below
Zoids S-Blaster: Tremor BCAS support unit by DGDSND01
Zoids S-Blaster: Tremor BCAS support unit
I can't believe I forgot to upload this one.  Good thing Tremors 5: Bloodlines gave me a good reminder, lol

Zoids Tremor Custom
Shrieker Support Blox
Complete Set
Death From Below


Assblaster type
Weight: 20 tons
Length: 12.6

Depth: 5.76
Max Speed: Mach 3
Weapons: AZ 20mm Beam Gun (x3), AZ 30mm Beam Assault Rifle, AZ 50mm Beam Gun (x2), AZ Acid Rockets (x4), Hardened Ally Spikes, Hardened Alloy Claws
Equipment: Organoid System, Advanced Infared Visual Scanners, After-Burner, Magnessor Wing (x2)

The second of the Tremor's support Blox formed from its external components, the S-Blaster is a radical departure from the tank-like Tremor and the well-rounded Shrieker.  Besides allowing the Tremor crew to face aerial threats head-on, the S-Blaster can also function as a scout or as a support unit for harrying land-based foes, nimbly dancing through the sky to distract them from the dangers of the Tremor lurking below.

Compared to even other fliers, the S-Blaster is pitifully low on armor in order to maximize the zoid's speed and maneuverability.  Exposed as it is however, vulnerable is one thing that the S-Blaster is NOT.  With a head that is quite literally made out of guns, this blox dominates other flying zoids in the arena of superior firepower.  In addition to the staggering array of conventional weaponry, it also boasts a quartet of rockets that feature acid-loaded warheads, triggered by a proximity sensor to completely envelope its enemies in a cloud of caustic chemicals.  Combined with one of the fastest aerial turnaround times and an afterburner that is the envy of any speed-demon, the S-Blaster is uniquely suited to extending the Tremor's domain to everywhere above and below Zi's crust.
Bringing the Rain by DGDSND01
Bringing the Rain
Man, it's been years since I did a large-scale painting.  Not bad for a few hours work.  During Hurricane Blanca.

Continuing the tradition of commemorating our first Earth Expedition to the Vermillion Sea Field Station at Bahia de Los Angeles.

Each constellation glows in the dark and represents animals we encountered.

Double rainbow, we saw that too (even though I live in Hawaii, everyone else's enthusiasm was contagious)

Finally, rain in the desert.  Not something you see often, even on multiple Earth Expeditions. 
Conversation Rock by DGDSND01
Conversation Rock
Looks like a rat and a bear, doesn't it? ^_^   You wouldn't believe the cliff I had to scale to get this shot.  In the very heart of the Vizcaino Desert.
    It was an uncomfortable, foreign feeling for an animal born and raised in a pack.  Let alone a high-ranking Beta.  Former Beta.  Her Alpha was gone.  By the laws of nature, she was the Alpha now.  But what was a leader without a pack?  Her family…her sisters, were also gone; slain, by the Strange.  For her kind, there was no hoot or chirp that could describe what they had encountered.
    The velociraptor once called Blue padded across the uneven jungle floor; the wreckage of the human world still smoldered in the darkness behind her.  The moist leaf litter crunched softly beneath her talons, and the cool soil brought relief to her sore feet.  It was the feeling of freedom.  And yet, such a wonderful sensation held only painful memories.
    It had been their first hunt.  Their first real hunt.  Free from the confines of the small world that they new.  All of her sisters had sensed a change with the arrival of the new armored, tailess things that walked on two legs.  Blue had been the only one that suspected what it might imply.  It was that suspicion that allowed her, perhaps against her better judgement, to tolerate being restrained, as uncomfortable objects were fastened to their heads.  The Beta’s patience was validated when their Alpha appeared, bearing the scent of their new prey.  For reasons she could not understand, the smell was both familiar and yet alien.  In more ways than one, it troubled her.  Such confusion was cast aside the moment the gates parted.
    They ran, with nothing held back.  All the mattered was the Hunt.  She lead her sisters with the skill and ferocity befitting her rank, while the Alpha held the group together, the way any leader should: as a single, fixed point.  After that, it was almost all a blur.
    The ecstasy of the hunt died all-too quickly the moment the Strange revealed itself.  Like its scent, the beast was unnatural and yet, strangely alluring.  The velociraptors found themselves fighting against the very instincts that had served them so well.  Blue had almost made the decision to slaughter this source of distress on the spot, but then it called to them.  Not in the strange sounds of their Alpha, but in the special cries that only she and her three sisters shared.  It had been so easy to succumb.  To give in and accept a far superior Alpha.  And in doing so, the pack could finally be free!
    Gone were the meaningless tasks.  Gone were the repetitive commands!  For the first time, they truly felt the pleasure of the hunt.  Of the kill.  And so they did, with reckless abandon, until none of the tailess two-legs were left standing in their presence.  All it had cost them was the life of their youngest sister.  And the protection and unity that they shared.  Everything that had truly made them a pack.  Gone.
    The Strange cared nothing for their safety, and it felt nothing for them as a family.  That much had become clear the instant they cornered their old Alpha.  Their true Alpha.  Even after they had abandoned him, he had stayed loyal. He was different from them.  But he was also part of the pack.  The strongest part: the one that held them together.
    In response to their defiance, the Strange finished the process of destroying their family: striking down Blue and murdering her remaining sisters, before pursuing the Alpha and the small tailess ones he now protected.  When the Beta recovered, she was truly the last.  Her anguished realization awakened the ferocious rage that marked her kind.  Intelligence and instinct fused as one, she channelled the vengeful spirit shared by her ancestors and charged the Strange in a savage attack!  The action was little more than suicide for a single raptor, but by the bizarre strands of fate, the Beta was not alone in her vendetta.
    Engaged in battle alongside her was a Great Killer; one with whom she shared no past or common ground—save for the total hatred of the Strange.  Together, they forced the monster back to the edge of the great water, where a third predator unexpectedly landed the final blow, stealing the kill.  Death was death, be it by the machinations of nature, or the jaws of a greater killer.  The Great Killer!  With the Strange gone, would the velociraptor be its next target?  Even wounded as it was, the Beta entertained no delusions of defeating such a threat.
    The Great Killer’s roar brought Blue’s thoughts out of the past.  It seemed to come from everywhere at once: front, back, side, and above!  With the earth-shaking cry came the light of a new day.  Though the lone raptor had left the land of tailess two-legs far behind, the sun’s rays revealed yet another of their structures looming directly ahead of her; this one far older, and reclaimed by the jungle.
    Warily, she sniffed her surroundings and was enveloped by a storm of scents.  The Strange had been here, as had her Alpha, and even tailess ones!  Smells of the Great Killer and of her own kind also haunted the area.  Curiosity drove her forward through the patchwork of gloom and light.  The gentle click of her claws on hardened floor reverberated through the halls of the old ruin, sometimes growing softer, sometimes louder.  Each dislodged piece of rubble added to the cacophony.  Her inquisitive nature waning, she was about to turn back, when a familiar outline caught her eye.  Poised on two strong legs, perfectly balanced by a long stiff tail, was another velociraptor.  A painting.  A collection of colors smeared on the wall.  That much was obvious to her.  Painfully so.  But in spite of recognizing the mural for what it was, she drew closer; picking her way through the debris until she stood nose to nose with the realistic rendition.  It may very well be the last velociraptor she would ever see.
    For a time, it appeared that a statue had joined the painting in the solitude of the ruins—destined to remain there in perpetuity.  In the jungles outside, prey of all sizes grazed blissfully unawares, while fliers called fiercely in the skies above.  All of this meant little to a velociraptor on its own.  But the instinct to survive stirred the living creature from her melancholy.  It as almost as strong as the drive to seek others of her kind.
    Blue stalked back to the entrance and paused, letting the full light of a new day envelope her.  Ahead were the smells and sounds of a world coming to life for the first time in recent memory.  So full…and yet so empty.  It would be her world now, and hers alone.  The velociraptor turned and took one final look at the painting in gloom.  
    Perhaps out of desperation, perhaps out of spite, she gave one sharp, audible call, and listened, as it echoes and faded through the jungle, before returning, stronger than before.
Alpha Alone
A packless raptor reflects on what it means to be an Alpha, and the memories that had brought her to this point in time.

An epilogue/aftercredits that I truly wish was included in the film.  Partial spoilers if you haven't seen the movie yet (GO SEE IT) I don't normally write much anymore, so here's hoping you enjoy.


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