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Agumon on Parade by DGDSND01
Agumon on Parade
Something from the vault.  I must have made this over a decade ago for a math class in high school (the assignment was tesselations).  Tonight I saw my little sister working on hers for college and it just reminded me that I had this thing squirreled away somewhere.

Obviously, the Digimon featured are Agumon, BlackAgumon, and SnowAgumon.
Just learned the sad news and I still can't quite believe it.  Monty Oum, your story was inspirational and your works were even more so.  It is both a blessing and a curse that in such a short time on Earth, you could bring such joy to countless others.  Your legacy endures.  Rest in peace.
iRex by DGDSND01
Has it been long enough for this joke to be retro?  If you look at the original image of the ipod, the song on the screen is "Killer" :P
Shrieker Zoid: Tremor BCAS support unit by DGDSND01
Shrieker Zoid: Tremor BCAS support unit
This cute sucker is my favorite stage in the graboid lifecycle and by far the easiest custom I've done.  The complete Shrieker came together virtually on the first try, and integrated so well with the main Graboid-type.  See if you can't see where the Shrieker bits are on the Tremor.

Zoids Tremor Custom

 Then see what else might be hiding there ^_^

Shrieker type

Weight: 30 tons
Length: 10.44 meters
Depth: 7.2
Max Speed: 270 kph
Weapons: Laser-guided Anti-Aircraft 30mm Machinegun (x2), Sonic Scream, Hyper Alloy Jaws (x4)
Equipment: Organoid System, Infared Visual Scanners, Core Replication System

Shrieker Data:
This bizarre little blox zoid detaches from armor components of the Tremor and serves as an above-ground unit to flush out targets, while the main zoid stalks them from below.  In addition to impressive mobility, it sports exceptional melee capabilities, thanks to its powerful jaws-- miniature versions of those on the Tremor, fully capable of tearing through armor and crushing the exposed structure of its prey.  Something the Tremor does not have however, is the Sonic Scream-- a weaker replica of the Death Scream once possessed by the King Gojulas.  Capable of stunning even larger zoids for a moment or two, this weapon is ironically the one device that is actually extremely potent against the Tremor itself, given the graboid-type’s extreme sensitivity to vibrations.  Although there is little chance of the Shrieker turning against its parent zoid, this otherwise cute killer hides a terrible secret.

In preparation for arming the upcoming coup, Neo-Zenevas agents attempted to equip the Tremor with the Death Stinger’s terrifying ability to mutate defeated zoid cores in order to replicate itself.  Before this could come to pass, one of the project researchers managed to isolate it in the BCAS data of the Shrieker before they escaped with the Tremor itself.  For this reason however, the now-fugitives are especially hesitant to use the Shrieker in battle, less it accidentally create additional Shriekers that, without pilots, would run wild under the Organoid System while spawning infinitely more copies with each kill they make!
Zoids Tremor Custom by DGDSND01
Zoids Tremor Custom
I’ve been working on this custom on and off for almost ten years.  It feels good to see it realized.  The model design leaves little for poseability, so instead, I integrated a gravity-motor and wheels in so this baby can roll!


Graboid type
Weight: 350 tons
Length: 36 meters

Depth: 10.8 meters
Max Speed: 250 kph
Weapons: AZ 110mm Maximum Penetration Rifle (x2), 25mm Mortar Launchers (x6), Hyper Photon Particle Cannon (x3), Combat Tentacles (x3), Hyper Alloy Jaws (x4), Laser Saw Blade, Laser-guided Anti-Aircraft 30mm Machinegun (x2), AZ 20mm Beam Gun (x3), AZ 30mm Beam Assault Rifle, AZ 50mm Beam Gun (x2), AZ Acid Rockets (x4), Hardened Ally Spikes
Equipment: BCAS, Gravity Drive, Organoid System, Jammer Fin (x2)

The Tremor is well-suited to staying hidden when it wants to, and laying waste to its enemies when it doesn’t.  Unlike other zoids that can function underground as an option, the Tremor is exclusively subterranean.  It is unrivaled in burrowing ability, tunneling even through bedrock and smashing through the reinforced steel of enemy bases.  When hunting, it is able to detect the slightest vibration, such as the natural pulses given off by a zoid’s core.  Anything more intense and the Tremor can pinpoint the source with deadly accuracy.

It’s most powerful cannons, the AZ 110mm, are even capable of firing through the soil, with enough penetrating power left over to blow the legs out from whatever it was aiming at.

  Perhaps even more dangerous is the beast’s mouth, which houses three combat tentacles, each with its own mouth that features a Hyper Photon Particle Gun.  In melee combat, these tentacles can extend a good 10 meters, and drag anything up to 200 tons into the Tremor’s ravaging jaws.  The beak is forged from hyper alloy composite to withstand struggling prey.  The lower jaw is comprised of three separate mandibles that cut as well as crush, while within the mouth itself is a laser beam saw that hastens the painful, bloody demise.

Being at the cutting edge of weaponry, the Tremor also sports the Blox Changing Armor System years before ZOITEC developed (ie stole) it.  The support units--Shrieker and S-Blaster are capable of sharing data with the Tremor and each other in real-time, and can either be piloted, or operate independently thanks to each unit possessing its own Organoid System.  Boasting incredible defenses, destructive power, and adaptability, the Tremor is truly overlord of the underworld.


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