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Rogue's Wardrobe by DGDSND01
Rogue's Wardrobe
The crowning pieces to this year's Halloween costume.  The hat is designed to resemble a lunging shark and came out beautifully for a first attempt.  As per tradition, it is made from felt, but lacking the pricey seawax and oils, I settled for layers of DAP contact cement to help it retain its shape.

The shark skull mask is actually version 3.0 but is made with the same ingredients of Crayola Model Magic glazed with surfboard sanding resin.  I'm particularly proud of the more expressive eye socks that, combined with the moving jaw, convey far greater emotion.  Also, it has much greater visibility now.  Of course, my favorite part was wearing it while surfing ^_^

The belt, I actually didn't make.  It was stolen from a Santa Claus outfit.  That's right, Charles leucas robbed Santa, because PIRATE!
Thirsty for Blood by DGDSND01
Thirsty for Blood
(And bubble tea)

So Dragon Tea is holding its Halloween Costume Contest on facebook.  Whomever gets the most "likes" wins a $100 gift card.…

I'm all for fair play, but it would be a sin against Halloween if that store-bought snowman onesey actually won.
Charles leucas Enters the Fray by DGDSND01
Charles leucas Enters the Fray
As far as anyone knows, not a soul has laid eyes on the face concealed behind the terrifying mask, but there is no shortage of whispers and rumors to fill the void.  Some say that the visage, forged from a shark's skull, is enchanted, and gives leucas complete control over the small horde of Oceanic White-tips that seem to loyally trail his vessel.  Others claim that the mortal man beneath is but a host, and that the mask has a spirit all its own.  The few solid clues to leucas' identity are that he speaks with a smooth, cultured tongue; implying an educated upbringing.  This is supported by the calculating nature in which he chooses his prey, devising ways to strike them in a away that minimizes casualties to his crew, while maximizing the sheer terror in the targets.

In a fight, the Shark Pirate's preferred method of attack is to blast large groups of targets at close range with a double-shot blunderbuss pistol.  While the weapon may not have enough power to kill everyone outright, the scattered shot burning into their skin will nonetheless deter them long enough for leucas slice through the wailing wounded with a pair of sabers.  Although he holds the prestigious rank of "Captain", leucas is seldom seen outside of raids, when is terrifying presence and fierce intellect is most critical.  Day-to-day runnings of his ship, are left to the Boatswain, as is customary for most pirate crews.

For that reason, his crew are perhaps the most curious as to who among them is really the Captain.  A few claim it is the friendly and charming cook, James.  However, these same people are almost always immediately shot down for being Treasure Island fanboys.
Halloween 2015 by DGDSND01
Halloween 2015
Character-wise, the name leucas is deliberately lowercase and should actually be italicized.  I'll leave it up to you to find out why.  There is no supernatural element behind this character, he is merely a mortal who wears a fearsome mask.  Of course, the jaw does move when the wearer talks, so it would be understandable (and preferable) if his victims and enemies think otherwise.

Official inspiration when designing the costume and character include Tim Curry's Captain Hook, Cinebook's Long John Silver, Darth Vader, with just a teeny bit of Errol Flynn thrown in.

Also, I never get tired of watching this:
Tremor Zoid: The Complete Team by DGDSND01
Tremor Zoid: The Complete Team
Just a group shot of the Tremor and its support blox (Shrieker and S-Blaster) detached.  I felt that the Gairyuki was too vulnerable with its support Blox detached, but that problem isn't shared by the Tremor since it's primarily an underground monster ^_^

Zoids Tremor Custom
Shrieker Support Blox
S-Blaster Support Blox
Death From Below


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